Our services

Ta mātou mahi

We can help you shape your brand or business in purposeful ways that are good for our environment, good for the future and highly profitable for your business — brand-led companies greatly outperform their competition.

We understand and interpret the increasing complexity of today's operating environment — fast-paced technological change and digital uptake, regenerative and sustainable thinking and a growing expectation that brands will need to build genuine social or environmental purpose into their position and offer.

We see exciting opportunities to achieve cultural and behaviour change for good.

Stuff we do

Creative activism

Creating change takes focus, curiosity and creativity. No trickery or hoodwinking, but inspiring people to be more, care more and aspire to a better today and tomorrow. Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Exciting graphics such as posters, illustrations, information graphics, memes, animations capture the imagination and motivate people to make the right connections. 

Campaign development 

Defining what success looks like underpins any successful campaign. Whether it’s increased profile, more revenue or new revenue streams, incentivising particular behaviours, attracting volunteers or simply keeping your fan base loyal defines the campaign's direction and the ability to measure its effectiveness.

Internal and external
engagement strategies

Our role as creative thinkers is to simplify complexity, define what matters strategically and bring it to life creatively through curiosity and expertise. We help get your brand messages in front of the people who need to know about them in creative ways that open their hearts and minds to your story.

Creative thinking

We’re excited about finding new ways of connecting through an in-depth understanding of your audiences and what is most meaningful to them. Our creativity is aligned with our clients’ strategic goals, and our visual communications are crafted through design excellence.

Problem-solving workshops

As culture shifts, what is valued and where we find meaning shifts. The rules of engagement are changing. Bringing in skilled and objective brand thinkers to help move your thinking forward or take your key people through a change process or new strategy is often the best way to progress. Moxie workshops are fun, focused and will stretch your team’s thinking...in a good way. 

Design for good

We aspire to be an agent of change for good. For more than 20 years, our purpose has been co-creating with Kiwis of all types who work in sustainable ways for the greater good—we all know that the best things happen when like-minded people get together. Our skills in brand development and the design of impactful visual communications help our clients build awareness about their activities and get their messages across to inspire people to take action and engage.

We do all the other stuff you’d expect from a design studio too

Research and Strategy

  • Brand diagnostics
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Insight led research
  • Brand strategy – positioning, values, personality, promise, story
  • Brand architecture.

Graphic Design

  • Visual identity
  • Brand collateral
  • Corporate reports
  • Packaging design
  • Magazines and publications.

Campaign Design 

  • Concept
  • Art direction and copy writing
  • Media.

Digital Design

  • Digital strategy and planning
  • Web and mobile
  • Video and animation
  • Intranet design.
Moxie is a member of the All of Government Design and Advertising Services Panels

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