Changing behaviour for good

Changing behaviour for good

According to our BrandStrategist, Michelle Ibbetson, we are in both an exciting and unenviable position of being at the frontier of the transition to a greener, fairer and smarter economy. But there's kryptonite lurking in sustainability marketing, says Michelle.

Worthiness and green washing can kill even the most imaginative sustainability positioning. Worthiness creeps in when the value proposition to your audience isn't strong enough.

Worthiness implies the consumer must make a sacrifice. That's not a great starting point.

Until there is a compelling value proposition, well-intentioned products and campaigns will continue to struggle. Or, at best, only talk to those already on board. They need to be demonstrably better for the people involved.

Yes, the tide is turning, and many now agree that sustainable products and behaviours are better for people and the planet. But survey after survey shows that what people say and what people do can be firmly at odds. It's time for some creative thinking to fuel the motor of change and change behaviour for good.

We see our role as shining the spotlight on the issues and working with like-minded others to help find creative solutions that avoid the greenwash and build trust and confidence in a sustainable future.