An advisor with moxie

An advisor with moxie

We’re delighted to welcome Paul Linton to our advisory board. Paul has spent more than 30 years launching new brands and companies and developing global business opportunities. His experience spans SMEs to listed businesses, Government, State-Owned Enterprises and Crown Research Institutes to ambitious international technology startups.  His range of knowledge spans most of New Zealand's industry sectors.

Currently General Manager Research and Development Solutions at Callaghan Innovation, Paul manages Callaghan Innovation's science and technical engagements with companies throughout New Zealand to solve tough technical problems and build prototypes to commercialise further.  He is also responsible for Callaghan Innovation's two export businesses and our national metrology institute, MSL.

He has held senior positions with MetService of New Zealand, Airways New Zealand, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and software company Objective Corporation. He has also held roles as New Zealand's trade commissioner in Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands, where he helped New Zealand businesses develop and grow international markets. Paul has also been director of several international ventures.

"Taking this role with Moxie is a natural extension of my enduring passion for developing and building great brands (actually the subject of my Master's thesis) and encouraging organisations to think about what stands behind their brand and what they stand for.  I'm a real believer in the power of brands to support innovative thinking and culture change and build purpose into organisations," says Paul. 

Paul's interests include sustainability, global thinking and how companies in the post COVID world can adapt their systems, processes and cultures to reflect a new, inclusive, diverse and positive environment. And that their brands and their cultures reflect this.

As a business, we're focused on ensuring our service offer continues to be fresh and relevant for our clients to support them in this rapidly changing world best. Paul's skills and experience will help us continue to adapt and innovate with maximum Moxie.